Why RAW Search?

RAW Search is a specialised recruitment firm dedicated to delivering tailored talent solutions, perfectly aligning with your organisation's values, whether you are seeking exceptional leadership hires or building dynamic, high-performing teams. For over 30 years, our founders have been trusted partners, delivering outstanding services in executive search, assessment, contingency, and interim appointments. Our longevity in the industry has cultivated in-depth knowledge within Financial Services. Our consultative approach, up-to-date market intelligence, and specialised focus establish us as an essential asset to your business. Partner with us for a range of talent solutions, benefitting from our proven ability to deliver on hard-to-find talent. 

What makes us different: 

Market Expertise: Drawing on 30+ years of experience in Financial Services recruitment, we deliver deep expertise across our market specialisms. Candidates strategically use our niche market knowledge to align their skills with optimal opportunities. Staying ahead of industry trends and market dynamics, our deep understanding, paired with a diverse client base, enables us to provide expert advice, assisting you in securing the perfect candidate for sustained success. 

Accountability & Communication: Throughout the talent search process, we maintain open and transparent communication with our clients, providing regular updates and seeking feedback to ensure that the candidates we present resonate with your organisation's values. 

Approach: Our recruitment process is highly customised to each client (see RAW SOLUTIONS). We tailor our search criteria, assessment methods, and candidate profiling to specifically align with the unique values and requirements of your organisation.

Evaluation: We meticulously evaluate potential candidates not only based on their skills and experience but also on their alignment with your organisation's values. This includes assessing their work ethic, integrity, and cultural fit. 

Diversity & Inclusion: We prioritise diversity and inclusivity in our talent solutions, ensuring that the candidates we recommend bring a diverse perspective while also aligning with your organisation's values of equality and inclusiveness.

Feedback: At RAW Search, accountability is our cornerstone. We actively address client frustrations by seeking & providing feedback at the end of each process. Your insights are invaluable, guiding us to enhance and tailor our services. We are committed to continuous improvement, ensuring your experience is seamless, positive, and always improving. Partner with us for a recruitment journey that prioritises your feedback, making it an integral part of refining our offerings to better serve you. 

By integrating these approaches, we can ensure that the talent solutions we deliver not only meet the skill requirements but also align closely with the core values and cultural fabric of the organisations we serve. 

For more information about the recruitment solutions we provide please visit “RAW COVERAGE & RAW SOLUTIONS & RAW D&I” for full details on our areas of coverage and sector specialisms.


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